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Faunamaster flail mower FM130

Most people think that flail mowers and rotary mowers perform the same tasks, but this is not the case. It is therefore important to consider your needs and the benefits of the two different machines.

Flail mower vs rotary mower, which to choose:

To better understand the difference between flail mowers and rotary mowers, you first need to understand how each machine works and what the differences are. One difference is the size of the blades. Rotary mowers have larger blades, with more precision than flail mowers. This is because flail mowers are often used for more demanding tasks, whereas most rotary mowers are designed to mow lawns.

Both types of machines can mow/cut shrubs or grass, but they are designed differently, leading to differences in their cutting performance. Rotary mowers have horizontally rotating blades, while flail mowers have laterally oscillating blades. These two types of designs give each machine a different cutting power, making them more suitable for certain types of jobs.

The rotary mower has blades that move in a circular motion, while the flail mower’s blades are Y or T-shaped and rotate around the shaft. The blades on a flail mower work together to cut the grass evenly and leave a complete look.

Here you can see the difference between the 3 types of mowers.

When choosing a machine between flail and rotary cutters.

One of the first things you need to consider is what type of tasks/relationships you’ll be working on. Both types of mowers can be used on brush and grass with different results.

The flail mower is suitable for tougher jobs, in the forest, meadow or similar areas where there may be small branches, stumps, stones, uneven ground, etc. in general, a flail mower is tougher than a rotary mower.

The rotary mower excels on lawns and other areas where you want a visually appealing result. Another advantage of the rotary mower is that you can typically go faster with it than with a flail mower

A flail mower will therefore be a sensible choice for those who need to use it versatile and in different terrains, whereas the rotary mower is for those who need to mow large, even areas at higher speeds.

The choice fell on the flail mower.

Now you can make an even more specific choice based on your needs, namely Y or Hammer flails. Y flails are used in areas with a lot of grass, as they cut the grass better and therefore allow you to speed up your setup compared to a hammer flail setup. on the other hand, hammers are an all-round solution if you can compromise a little on speed.

At Faunamaster, around 80% of our flail mowers are sold with a hammer flail, as this setup solves all jobs and tasks.

See our FM130 flail mower here:

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