Multifunctional seed drill


Our larger model with 12 adjustable seed rows.


Our smaller model with 7 adjustable seed rows.

Spare parts

We always keep spare parts in stock

Seed mixtures

See our wide range of seeds

Faunamaster Harrow

The ultimate harrow for ATV/UTV

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Tips & tricks

Biodiversity with Faunamaster

Biodiversity with Faunamaster At Faunamaster, we understand the importance of protecting and promoting biodiversity. We're dedicated to offering innovative solutions that help you do just that. With our advanced Seeders and our unique Biodiversity Seed Mix, you can...

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Sowing and maintaining your wild garden

Sowing and maintaining your wild garden Having a wild garden doesn't only require you to understand the purpose of your wild garden and choose the right plants. It also requires you to know how to prepare the seedbed and sow your plants. It is essential that the...

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Gamekeeper: A Thorough Guide to Purposes and Plants

Gamekeeper: A Thorough Guide to Purposes and Plants In the world of hunting, the gamekeeper is a crucial element. But what is the purpose of your gamekeeper? Do you want to attract certain types of game such as deer or game birds? Or is it more important for you to...

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