Faunamaster Pheasant Mix, 5kg

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    Faunamaster Pheasents Blend has been specially developed for pheasants for several years, but of course also caters for other game birds.

    This blend provides food, cover and good opportunities for ground-nesting birds, Faunamaster Pheasents Blend is a bestseller when it comes to game birds and pheasants.

    It provides good cover around the shed, as well as a good source of food for the pheasants

    Faunamaster Pheasent blend is also approved for use in GLM8 flowers and pollinator fallow.

    Sowing information:
    Seed rate per Ha 25 kg
    Sowing time May – June
    Seeding depth 1 cm


    White lupin
    Fodder vetch
    Yellow mustard
    Listen to
    Garden cabbage
    Pak choi cabbage

    Flower and pollinator fallow GLM8

    Once you have fulfilled your GLM8 requirement, you can apply for the “Biodiversity and Sustainability” bio scheme. Here is an extra subsidy rate of DKK 2,740 and an additional supplement of DKK 1,500 if you choose to establish pollinator fallow.

    You must comply with the GLM 8 requirement – You must apply for subsidies for at least 0.01 ha on the individual field and for at least 0.30 ha under the scheme.

    You can apply for biodiversity & sustainability for a maximum of 50% of your area for basic payment – You cannot apply for areas where there are already national or EU rules that you are not allowed to cultivate the area.

    Read more about Flowers and pollinator fallow and GLM8 rules here:

    GLM8 – Blomster og bestøverbrak.

    Questions and answers about GLM 8 – conditionality (lbst.dk)


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