Faunamaster hunting corn 25,000 grain

745,00 kr. inkl. moms

Faunamaster hunting corn is the ultimate corn for hunting and game care.

The corn is composed of 3 different varieties that mature in 3 different stages, this ensures an attractive food source for a longer period than traditional corn.

The maize also germinates differently, this ensures good germination even at low temperatures.

In the Faunamaster hunting corn mixture, pole bean and pea are added, this minimizes bite damage to the corn, but at the same time provides a good food source from the start, as well as extra cover for game birds.

25,000 grains per bag is enough for 0.25 Ha.

If a post-emergence chemical weed control is desired, Stomp CS or Fighter 480 can be used. Otherwise, a good mechanical row cleaning is recommended.

Sowing information
Seed rate per Ha 100.000 of grain
Sowing time May – June
Sowing depth 4-5 cm

Ultra Early maize
Early maize
Mid maize
pole bean

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