Faunamaster hunterscorn 25,000 grains

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    Faunamaster Hunterscorn is the ultimate corn for hunting and game care.

    Faunamaster hunterscorn is composed of 3 different varieties that mature in 3 different stages, ensuring an attractive food source for a longer period of time than traditional corn.

    The corns also germinate differently, this ensures good germination even at low temperatures, at the same time it makes the 3 varieties “compete” with each other, this trick is also used in agriculture, as the corns in this way help each other for optimal growth.

    This means that you get a strong and tall corn that is especially good for pheasants, and therefore ideal for establishing around the carriage house.

    In the Faunamaster Hunterscorn mix, pole bean and pea are added to minimize bite damage to the corn, while providing a good food source from the start and extra cover for game birds.

    The corn is treated with Corit and Opti+

    Preparation and maintenance:

    If chemical weed control is required after germination, Stomp CS or Fighter 480 can be used. Otherwise, a good mechanical row cleaning is recommended.

    Most importantly, your seedbed must be clean before sowing. It is not a must that hunting corn should be planted in May, as it is not a forage crop that needs to be harvested in September or October.

    Therefore, make sure to get effective weed control before sowing, spray with Roundup if necessary, and preferably move the sowing time to the first half of June.

    The advantage of this is that you have effectively weeded your seedbed, while soil temperatures are somewhat higher.

    This means that your corn will get off to a much faster start and therefore have more competitiveness against weeds.

    Mow your corn with a flail mower in stages so that the birds can easily get to the cobs, if you sow hunting corn for deer, fallow deer or red deer, simply mow it in the spring.

    25,000 grains per bag is enough for 0.25 Ha.

    See information:
    Seed rate per Ha 100,000 grain
    Sowing time May – June
    Sowing depth 4-5 cm

    Ultra Early corn
    Early maize
    Mid maize
    pole bean

    Here’s some advice on how to set up and how it can be done, but keep in mind that this guide is for agriculture:

    10 tips for sowing corn | LandbrugsAvisen

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