Faunamaster FM130 Flail Mower

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The Faunamaster FM130 flail mower is built for professional use.

The individual components are of the highest quality, ensuring optimal performance of a given task and a long lifespan.

On the Faunamaster FM130, the cutting height can be easily adjusted directly from the ATV using the included remote control, and the tailgate can also be opened if you are working in dense ground where you need to get rid of the grass clippings quickly.

The Faunamaster FM130 can be delivered with hammer or Y flails, the counter knife is mounted internally as standard.

Hammer flails are the safe choice for versatile applications where the flail mower is used more all-round, whereas Y flails excel in more grass intensive applications.

The FM130 is equipped with the strongest centrifugal clutch on the market, with 3 belt drives, i.e. the clutch is activated by revolutions to minimize wear on motors and drive belts.

and built with a double construction that ensures the outside doesn’t get scuff marks.

The wheel arms can be turned so that the wheels are behind the flail mower.

Product info:

Engine: Honda V-Twin GX 690 cc 22.1 HP.

Working width: 130 CM

Weight: 370 KG

Width: 210 CM

Length: 220 CM

Height 110 cm

Clearance height: 200 mm

The Faunamaster FM130 is ready for delivery March 2024.

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