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  1. Thomas Congleton

    Is this Flail mower available in US market?

    • Faunamaster

      Hi Thomas.

      We are working on a distributor agreement at the moment, and hope to be able to announce it asap.

      I will give you a update.

      Best regards


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Faunamaster FM130 – Professional ATV flail mower / brushcutter for All Types of Terrain.

Built for Professional Requirements: The Faunamaster FM130 is a flail mower designed for professional use. Each component has been carefully selected to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting durability, making this machine a reliable tool in your arsenal.

Advanced Adjustability: With the FM130, the cutting height can be easily adjusted directly from the ATV using the included remote control. This provides great flexibility in different terrains. The tailgate can also be opened, which is ideal for working on dense surfaces where quick removal of grass clippings is required.

Choice of Impactor: The FM130 is offered with either a hammer impactor or Y impactor. Hammer flails are versatile for all-round use, where the grass being mowed may contain small branches, willow, or reeds, or perhaps a corn shed that needs to be mowed down. Y flails are particularly effective for grassy areas, where the speed of mowing can be increased with Y flails, however, they are not as hardy as hammer flails, so it is important to clarify which tasks you need to solve.

High-performance clutch system: Equipped with the strongest centrifugal clutch on the market and a 3-belt drive. This system is activated after revolutions to minimize wear and tear on the motor and drive belts. The double construction provides additional durability and protection against impact marks.

Most powerful axle on the market: The FM130 is built with a 120mm axle shaft, which is the most powerful on the market. We’ve done this because the axle is where the flail mower really takes the strain, a strong axle ensures good balance and longevity.

Flexible Wheel Setup: The FM130’s wheel arms can be reversed so that the wheels sit behind the flail mower, providing better maneuverability and adaptability to different working conditions.

The Faunamaster FM130 is ideal for use in the meadow, on the gamekeeper, in the forest or other hard-to-reach places. The FM130 can easily be sideways shifted to run parallel to the ATV.

The Faunamaster FM130 can be delivered with a hammer or Y flails, simply specify this in the note when ordering.


Product information:

  • Engine: Honda V-Twin GX 690, 22.1 HP
  • Working width: 130 cm
  • Weight: 370 kg
  • Overall Dimensions: 210 cm (W) x 220 cm (L) x 110 cm (H)
  • Clearance height: 200 mm
  • Hammer flails: 350 grams each.
  • Y Slagler: 150 grams each.
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