Faunamaster Flower Mix 10 kg

This flower mix is the epitome of value for money.

This annual flower mix is perfect for general fauna strips, reseeding fallow land, or for those who simply want to enjoy the sight of the many flowers and the insects that will reside here.

Phacelia tanacetifolia – Common honeywort
Helianthus annuus – Sunflower
Ornithopus sativus – Serradel
Trifolium incarnatum – Blood clover
Centaurea cyanus – Cornflower
Calendula officinalis – Garden marigold
Carthamus tinctorius – Safflower
Papaver rhoeas – Corn poppy
Anethum graveolens – Dill
Carum carvi – Coming
Coriandrum sativum – Coriander
Melilotus albus – White stone clover
Trifolium resupinatum – Persian clover

Sowing information
Seed rate per ha 10 kg/ha
Sowing time April – June
Seeding depth 0,5 cm

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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