Faunamaster Deer Blend, 5 kg

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Faunamaster Deer Blend is specially formulated to benefit deer.

This mixture will be an attractive source of food throughout the year and a favorite place for deer to stay, the optimal predator for roe deer, fallow deer and especially red deer, a true magnet.

The mixture is composed of both annual and perennial varieties, from the second year onwards, the wild garden can be mowed during the summer, when herbs, clover and alfalfa will really come into their own.

We have had very good experiences with this mixture for deer, on the picture you can see red deer, on a game farm with deer blend, near Klosterheden

5 kg per bag, enough for 0.41 Ha

Sowing information:

Seed rate per Ha 12 kg

Sowing time May – August

Seeding depth 1 cm

Soil temperature minimum 10 degrees



Blood clover




Red clover

Fodder rape

Black oats

Cabbage turnip



Wild carrot

Honey herb

Feed pea.


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