Faunamaster Danish Biodiversity Mix 0,5kg

999,00 DKK incl. VAT.


Faunamaster Biodiversity mix is characterized by containing only native Danish species that are not bred, it attracts a sea of insects, and with its many flowering colors, it is a delight to the eye.

Insects, bees, butterflies and small birds will all benefit from this biodiversity mix, ideal for fauna strips or seeding in existing urban green spaces.

If you really want to do something good for the environment and boost biodiversity at the same time, this is the ultimate blend put together by a Danish biologist.

1 kg per bag, enough for 750 KVM.

Feel free to ask for smaller packages!

Seed information
Seed rate per Ha 15kg
Sowing time April – June
Seeding depth 0,5 cm


Lotus corniculatus Lotus corniculatus
Praying buttercup Ranunculus acris
White bull’s eye Leucant hemum vulgare
Day-flowering star Silene dioica
Common knapweed Centaurea jacea
Mouse vetch Vicia cracca
King pen Hypochaeris radicata
Lancet plantain Plantago lanceolata
Blue cap Knautia arvensis
Common Brunelle Prunella vulgaris
Common yarrow Asteraceae / Achillea
Yellow sedge Galium verum Galium verum
Onion cress Alliaria petiolate
Odorous yellow salmon Anthoxanthum odoratum
Common cheatgrass Cynosurus cristatus
Wild carrot Daucus carota
Harrow clover Trifolium arvense
Tormenti Potentilla erecta
Red knee Rumex acetosella


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