Faunamaster Boost Blend 5kg

825,00 kr. inkl. moms

Faunamaster Boost is a mix that really focuses on the feeding units over the winter.

For example, the mix contains several types of cabbage with a high sugar content, which have a very high feed value in the winter half of the year.

In addition, the mixture is composed in such a way that the individual types of cabbage, beet, mustard and rapeseed complement each other, ensuring good height coverage for the pheasants and a very high feed value for the deer.

Faunamaster Boost is for those who want high feed value for deer game over the winter, or if you want to create good coverage for pheasants and partridges, Faunamaster boost contains several over-wintering species, and therefore also provides good coverage in early spring.

Faunamaster boost is ideal for setting up at the depot, near the forest, or around the corn.

Row sowing is recommended, 30-40 cm between rows.

5 kg per bag.

Sowing information

Seed rate per Ha 6,5 HA

Sowing time May – July

Seeding depth 1 – 1,5 cm

Soil temperature at sowing. minimum 10 C.


Forage marrow cabbage – Grüner angeliter
Brown mustard
Wild carrot
Winter rape
Hungarian vetch
Sebellica cabbage
Viridis cabbage