Faunamasters Seeders: Multifunctional and time-saving seed drills

Faunamaster’s Seeders are a range of multifunctional seed drills designed to sow seeds of virtually any size and depth up to 80mm. The machines can also apply fertilizer at the same time as seeding, making them ideal for agriculture, landscaping and parks.

One of the advantages of Faunamaster’s Seeders is their ease of use and time-saving features. The built-in 12V actuators make operation quick and easy, and the driver does not need to leave the ATV. During transportation, the actuators can be activated and the machines raised to a ground clearance of 200 mm.

The machines can be retrofitted on ATV/UTV or mounted on a category 1 tractor in a 3-point hitch. Their compact size allows them to be used in places where conventional agricultural machinery cannot reach, for example for sowing wild roofs, fauna strips or reseeding horse paddocks.

Faunamasters’ Seeders can also be used in established gardens or parks. The minimal track width leaves no significant traces in the existing landscape after sowing flower beds, herbs and the like. If you want to overseed without tillage, Faunamaster recommends a maximum seeding depth of 10 mm.

In short, Faunamasters’ Seeders are versatile and time-saving seeders that can be used to sow seeds and apply fertilizer simultaneously at virtually any size and depth. Their compact size and ease of use make them the ideal choice for farmers and garden enthusiasts.

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