Biodiversity with Faunamaster

At Faunamaster, we understand the importance of protecting and promoting biodiversity. We’re dedicated to offering innovative solutions that help you do just that. With our advanced Seeders and our unique Biodiversity Seed Mix, you can actively contribute to increasing biodiversity in your local environment.

Multifunctional seeding with Faunamaster’s Seeders

Our Seeders are designed to be versatile and efficient. They can sow seeds of all sizes and at depths from 0-80mm, making them ideal for sowing our Biodiversity Mix. The seeders can also spread fertilizer, which is an important factor in ensuring a healthy growing environment for plants.

With the ability to be retrofitted to an ATV/UTV or mounted on a category 1 tractor, the Seeders can operate in a wide range of environments. This makes them an excellent tool for promoting biodiversity in a variety of settings, from wildlife gardens and wildlife strips to parks and gardens.

Biodiversity through seeds: Faunamaster’s Biodiversity Blend

Our Biodiversity Mix is a unique blend of seeds, exclusively from native Danish species that have not been bred. The mix attracts a diversity of insects and therefore contributes to increased biodiversity in the area where it is planted.

We have carefully selected the species included in the Biodiversity Blend to ensure it supports a diverse ecosystem. From common chickweed to wild carrot, our Biodiversity Blend offers a wide range of plant species that all contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

We also offer a range of other seed mixes for different purposes. Whether you want to attract certain insects, create habitats for different animal species or simply add color and life to your landscape, we have the perfect seed mix for you.

Your Partner for Biodiversity

The combination of our Seeders and the Biodiversity Blend is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to promote biodiversity. These tools allow you to create diverse habitats, support a healthy soil environment and contribute to the global goal of protecting our ecosystems. You can find the seed mix here.

If you have a project you’d like help with, we’re here to help. We have the expertise to guide you through the process and are happy to help you choose the right seed mixes and tools to achieve your goals. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you support biodiversity through your landscape projects.

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